SOCKS Researchers Portal

For any Research Computing and Data (RCD) questions or to request RCD facilitation, please email
SOCKS GitLab Collaboration Space
To gain access, login at UVM’s GitLab (UVM NetID preferred) to establish an account and then send an email with your UVM-GitLab ID to SOCKS Help to ask for it to be added to the SOCKS Team.
VACC Knowledge Base
The VACC Knowledge Base is full of information on how to get set up on and use the multitude of VACC resources.
List of the current set of SOCKS software tools and description of each (i.e. Storywrangler, Ousiometer, Allotaxanometer, etc.)
SOCKS Datasets
The SOCKS Dataset software enables SOCKS researchers to list and share Data Sets to help those looking for data, and aid in finding synergy between researchers.

Coming soon.